• "This was very disrespectful."
  • "I thought I was the hot girlfriend, but turns out I'm just the sexy mistress."
  • "Is he flirting with you? Yes. I approve of this union."
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  • "Give me your hand. You've nothing to fear. You're always anxious before you travel. I admit you appear to be suffering a more acute attack on this occasion, but truly and honestly... oh, dear God, what have you done to your fingernails?"
  • Chas Tenenbaum had, since elementary school, taken most of her meals in her room, standing up at her desk with a cup of coffee, to save time.
  • Richie Tenenbaum had been a champion tennis player since the third grade.
  • Margot Tenenbaum was adopted at the age of two. Her father had always noted this when introducing her.

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  • do you know what's worth fighting for, when it's not worth dying for?
  • i'm a wanderess, i'm a one night stand. don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man.
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